Westborough, Southborough firefighters respond to ‘small woods fire’ near town line


Fire crews hose down a small fire in the woods off Southwood Drive in Southborough. (Photo/via Southborough Fire Department)

WESTBOROUGH/SOUTHBOROUGH – Local fire crews were on scene near the Westborough/Southborough town line on Friday afternoon, beating back what Southborough firefighters described as a “small woods fire” in the area.

The Southborough Fire Department assisted crews from Westborough in their response to a spot between Homestead Boulevard and Southwood Drive.

Photos then showed fire personnel hosing down a small patch of charred debris on the forest floor.

Both Homestead Boulevard and Southwood Drive are part of residential neighborhoods, with the Ellington MetroWest Apartment complex fanning out around Homestead.

Southborough firefighters joined Westborough crews in responding to a small fire in the woods near the Westborough/Southborough town line. (Photo/via Southborough Fire Department)


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