‘[Leslie] cares about the town of Northborough and its residents’


Letter to the Editor logoI am writing to put my endorsement behind Northborough BOS candidate Leslie Rutan. I have known Leslie for a few years now and I can tell you she cares about the town of Northborough and its residents. Leslie has continuously been a part of boards and committees to move Northborough in the right direction, she is a huge advocate for our school system which is one of the largest draws for bringing in new residents to this town. Along with her BOS position and the other various committees she donates her time at BC4T’s Veterans Food Corner & More.

While you may not see Leslie knocking on doors, which she did preCovid, you can guarantee she has the best interests of Northborough and its residents at heart. She is honest, trustworthy and leads with integrity, all attributes a successful candidate should possess.

Thank you, 

Karen Brewster