McCarthy’s Landscaping and Irrigation, beautifying properties for 27 years

Roger and Sue McCarthy are the co-owners of McCarthy’s Landscaping and Irrigation. (Photo/Dave Bagdon)

REGION – To get started in business, one needs a specialized set of skills coupled with plenty of hard work. But getting a business to grow and prosper over the course of nearly 30 years takes quite a bit more. It takes a keen focus on customer satisfaction and the ability to build a cohesive and dedicated staff. Those are the things that Roger and Sue McCarthy of McCarthy’s Landscaping and Irrigation credit with their success.

According to Roger, it’s the customer relationships that help them succeed.

“We have such great relationships with our customers,” he said. “Many times we start off with a basic maintenance account but when they see the quality of work and our various capabilities, it often expands into more. Many of our customers have been with us over 20 years, there is a level of trust that means so much to us.”

For the McCarthy’s it’s all about helping people get the maximum enjoyment out of their property.

“To us, it’s the ultimate com- pliment when someone tells us that their yard is now the place where everyone congregates. When you hear that, you know we are doing something that matters,” said Sue.

Although the McCarthy’s have a long list of maintenance and mowing clients, their creativity really shines when it’s time to design and install various construction projects. From patios and pizza ovens to walls and walkways, it’s all about creating an enjoyable outdoor living space.

According to Roger, the whole pandemic caused a shift. “People are now working and entertaining from home more,” he said. “They want their home to be their sanctuary and that means making the outdoors an extension of the home itself.”

A staff that is like family

Another important key to the success of McCarthy’s is their bond with their team. The landscaping business is known to be labor-intensive and without a dependable, talented team, consistent growth would not be possible.

“Our team is second to none, they are like an extension of our family” said Roger. “We get compliments on our customer service on nearly a daily basis… our guys know they are the face of our company when they are on the jobsite and they take that very seriously.”

“In fact,” said Sue, “They are the ones who help build our relationships every day.”

She continued, “Recently we had a long-term client who was celebrating a birthday and the guys took it on themselves to celebrate by singing her happy birthday…that says a lot about our team and their values.”

Although the trend toward outdoor living is gaining popu- larity, Roger and Sue haven’t slowed down on maintenance projects and other associated services. In addition to mowing, seasonal cleanups, mulching etc., they also offer services like irrigation and landscape lighting.

According to Roger, when done right, lighting can tie the whole property together.

“We have a lot of experience designing outdoor lighting and it really adds an amazing dimension to a property,” he said. “It can be used to highlight architectural features but it also helps with safety by eliminating dark spots and illuminating stairs and pathways.”

“In the end,” said Sue, “our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers while helping them achieve the property they’ve dreamed of…it’s a collaborative process and we just love to do it.”

McCarthy’s Landscape and Irrigation is located in West Boylston and serves surrounding communities.

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