Grafton police officer helps rescue baby owl


Officer John Ropiak holds an owl that was found in the roadway in Grafton on Wednesday. (Photo/via Grafton Police Department)

GRAFTON – A baby owl was rescued without injuries on Wednesday with help from the Grafton Police Department.

The police shared an image and information on Thursday afternoon, reporting that Officer John Ropiak had initially been dispatched to a call of a baby owl that had been seen “in the middle of the road” on Old Westborough Road.

Old Westborough road continues off West Main Street in Westborough at the Grafton/Westborough town line crossing over I-90.

On scene, police say, Ropiak was able to remove the owl from the road.

“We are happy to report that the owl appeared uninjured and was returned back to a tree,” the Grafton Police said in their statement on social media.


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