Green Hudson hosts Climate Education and Action Summit 


Brian White presents during the recent Climate Education and Action Summit in Hudson.  (Photo/Tyler Charpentier)

HUDSON – Green Hudson held a Climate Education and Action Summit on Saturday, showcasing presentations and interactive conversations on climate change science, the impacts of fossil fuels and courses of action to reduce personal carbon footprints.  

The event was sponsored by Micah Center for Social Justice and was held at the Argeo R. Cellucci, Jr. Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest Clubhouse. 

Green Hudson founder and president Brian White assisted in organizing the event alongside Per O. Gyllstrom.

White helped found Green Hudson in 2017, creating the organization with a focus on environmental sustainability through a number of projects and initiatives.

White said he hopes this Climate Summit presentation can “inform unaware folks about the scale of climate change, in order for them to understand how big of a problem it is.”

“Time is running short,” White told the Community Advocate. 

Though the event was held in Hudson, Marlborough City Council member Samantha Perlman also spoke on Saturday to inform attendees about what actions Marlborough is taking to become more environmentally friendly. 

“The MetroWest area is integrally connected, which makes it imperative to incorporate both Hudson and Marlborough into taking action against climate change,” Perlman said.

Among its efforts, Marlborough has teamed up with National Grid to convert all of its street lights to LED lights with 1,008,678 kWH in anticipated annual savings.

“Individuals have so much power,” Perlman said in reference to ongoing sustainability and environmental concerns.

“Both climate issues and global warming can be combated with simple lifestyle changes,” she continued. “But to change systemic problems we need to get to the root cause, which often means policy changes.” 

At the end of the event, each attendee was given an environmentally-friendly gift consisting of paper straws, reusable cups and bags. 

“Fixing climate change is going to be expensive,” White said in closing remarks. “But not fixing it will cause [a] much greater loss than just financial.”   


Hudson group to host Climate Education and Action Summit on May 21