Weather phenomenon rolls dense pollen cloud across region


A wave of pollen is seen cresting over Hudson High School. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

REGION – A drop in temperatures and suddenly gusty wind across the region helped bring a particularly dense cloud of pollen to the area on Tuesday, rolling across communities as a green-tinted fog.

Community members took to social media to note the surprise scene while meteorologists shared their perspectives.

“I don’t recall ever seeing it so dramatic,” meteorologist David Epstein wrote on Twitter just before 10 a.m.

WBZ meteorologist Eric Fisher referred to recent conditions as “the crescendo of tree pollen season.”

“Plenty of breeze to blow it around,” he tweeted.

Multiple experts also shared radar imagery showing pollen and other particulates clearly displayed as a sharp, bright line streaking east to west across Massachusetts.

This cloud was created, in part, by what is known as a “back door cold front,” according to experts.

Initially set up offshore in the Massachusetts Bay, the boundary raced inland between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., picking up pollen with its wind.

Though painting the region green, the cold front brought relief from a hot Memorial Day weekend, with temperatures dropping sharply across the state.

At one point, National Weather Service data showed temperatures hovering around 60 degrees in Boston, less than a hundred miles east of 90 degree temperatures in Springfield, which sat on the other side of the still progressing cold front.

Temperatures are now forecast to remain in the 60s and 70s through the coming days.

A hazy green pollen cloud settles over Hudson. (Photo/courtesy Anne Mix)