Hudson High School Class of 2022 celebrates graduationĀ 


Hudson High School Class of 2022 celebrates graduation 
HHS Class of 2022 Vice President Alessa Maiuri and President Kate Champeau (R) flip their tassels during graduation on Saturday. (Photo/Stuart Foster)

HUDSON – The Hudson High School Class of 2022 celebrated its graduation on Saturday at the Morgan Bowl.

The program, among other things, saw speeches from Hudson School Superintendent Marco Rodrigues, Hudson High School Principal Jason Medeiros, Class President Kate Champeau, Class Vice President Alessa Maiuri and Salutatorian Abigail Maston.

Charles Togneri was additionally recognized as this year’s valedictorian. 

“Today is a celebration,” Rodrigues said in his remarks, “the celebration of a journey that started thirteen plus years ago for these 150 high school seniors.”

Rodrigues described these years as a time of “enormous transformation and change.” He then asked the graduating seniors what the next thirteen years of their lives would look like, asking which transformations and changes they would be a part of and lead.

Rodrigues said changes in life should remind those in attendance not to lose sight of what is truly important to them, adding that the graduating class should evolve with these changes.

“I ask that you start this new phase of your life by embracing kindness and tolerance as your unconditional core values,” Rodrigues said. 

Champeau, likewise, celebrated the milestone.

“Class of 2022, we made it,” Champeau said. “It’s time to turn the page and start the next chapter we’ve all been waiting for since we first walked through the doors.”

Champeau emphasized that members of the Class of 2022 are now able to choose their own paths to follow.

She further reflected on the journey to date, noting a sense of home at Hudson High School.

“Even though it’s time to move on, we will always remember this place,” Champeau said. “This school impacted us and changed us for the better.” 

Principal Jason Medeiros began his speech by playing a clip from the song “Come Out and Play” by The Offspring and asking the graduating class if anyone could guess who the artist was.

Medeiros identified the band’s singer Dexter Holland, who has a PhD in Molecular Biology, as an example of how people should be able to re-envision themselves as they get older.

Medeiros said that young people often feel pressure to commit to just one thing, be one type of person or fit into one stereotype.

That dosn’t have to be the case, though, he said.

“For some, life may follow that path,” Medeiros said. “But don’t be afraid to embrace the many aspects of your identity, personality and interests.”


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