Man drowns in Lake Quinsigamond near Burns Bridge


File drone photos show the Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge. (Photo/Tami White)

SHREWSBURY – A 30-year-old man died Tuesday after he either jumped or fell from the Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge between Shrewsbury and Worcester, police say. 

Shrewsbury police confirmed this news on Wednesday, saying Shrewsbury and Worcester officers received reports of a man in Lake Qunsigamond near Belmont Street at about 3:49 p.m. the previous afternoon.

Shrewsbury Firefighter Robert Ljunggren was off duty and on a boat on the lake when he reportedly saw the man fall into the water.

Shrewsbury Police said that Ljunggren dove into the water and attempted to locate and rescue the man, but could not find him. 

Shrewsbury police dispatched their patrol board and officers toward the bridge. Officers Kyle Amato and Shawn Valliere assisted the Worcester Fire Department dive team, and the team recovered the man from the water.

Taken aboard Shrewsbury’s boat, the man was given CPR while the police took him onshore to paramedics. 

Shrewsbury police said the man was taken to UMass Memorial Health where he was pronounced dead.

The Worcester Police Department will be handling the investigation. In addition to police,  the response included efforts from Shrewsbury and Worcester fire departments as well as Worcester EMS.