Northborough selectmen talk review, goals for town administrator


NorthboroughNORTHBOROUGH – The Northborough Board of Selectmen talked earlier this month about the criteria for reviewing Town Administrator John Coderre and setting his goals.

This comes as Coderre’s current contract with the town winds down.

Chair Mitch Cohen said on June 13 that he and Coderre had a discussion about the town administrator review and goals while planning the agenda for the Board of Selectmen’s Monday meeting. 

“He reminded me that his contract renews every three years,” Cohen said during the selectmen’s June 13 meeting. “So, this is an opportune time to get back to doing the review.”

Cohen noted that, while reviews have been conducted, they have not been an annual occurrence. 

“That’s a very important role of the Board of Selectmen and very important for strengthening the relationship between the board and its administrator,” Cohen continued.

Coderre serving in role since 2008

Coderre has been Northborough’s town administrator since 2008, though he began working for the town in 2003. 

In a memo to the selectmen, Coderre noted that his employment agreement provides for an annual performance review upon the anniversary date of his employment. The agreement also provides for automatic contract renewal unless the Board of Selectmen provides notice that the town doesn’t desire to renew it.

Coderre wrote that a notice of non-renewal would need to be provided to him before July 1. 

“Obviously, I hope the board is pleased with my performance and knows that I am very interested in continuing to serve the town,” Coderre wrote. “…I remain enthusiastic about our continued work together and look forward to discussing the upcoming evaluation process with you in more detail.” 

During the Board of Selectmen discussion, Selectman Scott Rogers said Coderre had his “full support” on renewing his contract.

Coderre’s review categories, goals

Coderre provided five categories for review — including financial management, personnel management, Board of Selectmen support and relations, personal characteristics and communication and relationships. 

Coderre proposed several goals for next fiscal year. The selectmen later discussed these goals and the process for setting them. 

As part of that discussion, Selectman Jason Perreault suggested that what the board chooses as goals could be subject to change, noting that selectmen can’t predict some circumstances — such as the pandemic — that could arise. 

Selectman Julianne Hirsh said she would like “lengthy” discussion about the goals, which others later supported.

“They’re our goals, too,” Hirsh said. “I’d like to make sure that we give it the due diligence that it deserves.” 

With a review now moving forward, Cohen has requested that his fellow selectmen complete their evaluations by June 27, prior to the end of the current fiscal year and current term of Coderre’s contract. 

The Selectmen are scheduled to discuss Coderre’s review and goals at a meeting on Monday.


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