Northborough selectmen present town administrator’s review


NorthboroughNORTHBOROUGH – Town Administrator John Coderre will remain at the helm of Northborough after a performance review and contract renewal in recent weeks.

Coderre has served in town since 2003, acting as town administrator since 2008.

“John, thank you very much for another year of, in my opinion, very, very excellent fiscal management and operations management for everything across the town,” said Selectman Jason Perreault during the Board of Selectmen’s meeting last Monday.

He continued that the last several years have been “extraordinarily difficult” for Coderre and other town staff while going through COVID-19.

“I just appreciate the continuing dedicated effort over the entire fiscal year, [and the] last couple fiscal years, to keep us on track, keep us well positioned financially to be able to have the flexibility to adapt to whatever changing conditions bring us,” Perreault said. “I look forward to another year.”

The Board of Selectmen presented the results of Coderre’s review, for which he received a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

“I think [that] is an excellent rating, given that we have a diverse board with members with a lot of experience and members with less experience,” said Chair Mitch Cohen.

Cohen did not participate in the review, noting that he was not a voting member of the board during most of the review period.

He said last month, however, that he and Coderre had a discussion about the town administrator review and goals process.

Coderre, whose contract was up for renewal this year, saw explicit backing from Selectman Scott Rogers on June 13, with Rogers saying Coderre had his “full support.”

During Monday’s meeting, Cohen said he previously asked the selectmen if anyone wanted to sponsor a motion not to renew Coderre’s contract.

“No one stepped forward,” Cohen said.

Except for Cohen, each selectman filled out their own anonymous review of Coderre.

Among opportunities identified for improvement, one selectman wrote that Coderre could improve dealing with people.

Another said Coderre should “continue the work to include residents and committees that are disconnected from the majority of town operations.” That same selectman asked Coderre to continue “open explanation and education” to find solutions.

“I don’t envy anyone that has to work for five bosses that potentially change every year,” Cohen said. “That’s a hard job unto itself.”

Cohen encouraged selectmen with suggestions for improvement to speak directly with Coderre, adding that he could be present.


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