Developer conducts field investigation at former Shrewsbury Beal School site


Developer conducts field investigation at former Shrewsbury Beal School site
The old Beal school in Shrewsbury has long been a familiar sight in the downtown area. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

SHREWSBURY – Developers have recently been onsite at Shrewsbury’s former Beal School, examining the building and planning next steps in their efforts to redevelop it, according to Town Manager Kevin Mizikar.

During the Board of Selectmen’s July 12 meeting, Mizikar said that the developer Civico Greenly has begun its field investigations, which will allow them to identify the permits that they will require throughout the local and state permitting process for their envisioned “Beal Commons” mixed-use project.

Back in March, the selectmen approved a land disposition agreement with the developers, which town staff have likened to a precursor to a sale agreement.

That came after several months of negotiations with Civico Greenly, which has called for 55 units on the site, between 7,000 to 8,000 square feet of commercial space and 136 parking spaces.

Civico Greenly has indicated that it will submit plans to go through Shrewsbury’s permitting process no later than the beginning of October, according to Mizikar.

These recent field investigations, Mizikar added, have made an additional $12,500 of the developers’ preliminary deposit for the project nonrefundable.

Mizikar separately told the Community Advocate that Civico Greenly’s total deposit is $25,000.

According to Mizikar, this is a common practice through land disposition agreements, reserving more money as a developer moves deeper into their project. This, Mizikar said, aims to ensure that the developer has a growing financial interest in the property at each major step.

“It’s good to see Civico continue to move forward and meet the deadlines associated with the land disposition agreement that the board put in place,” Mizikar said.

Mizikar told the selectmen he would keep them informed as Civico Greenly continues to move forward with its process.


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