Flaherty Physical Therapy restores patients’ functionality and mojo


Flaherty Physical Therapy restores patients’ functionality and mojo
Flaherty Physical Therapy has locations in Hudson and Northborough.

NORTHBOROUGH – Kevin Flaherty opened his physical therapy practice in 2015 and has seen steady growth ever since.

“Physical therapy has much more notoriety than 20 years ago,” said Flaherty. “Back then, people didn’t know what physical therapy meant. Now it is seen as a viable option for recovery.”

With locations in Hudson and Northborough, Flaherty Physical Therapy offers convenience to people who want to avoid going into Worcester for treatment.

“They come to see us before they get an MRI or a test,” he said. “When we start treatment, this is our best way to determine if someone needs additional testing. Many times we can help them avoid the expensive test or procedure.”

Flaherty focuses first on educating patients.

“People often know more about their cars than they do about their bodies. They come in with a problem, they have pain and don’t know why,” Flaherty said. “We help them understand what is happening in their body and help them make their own health decisions.”

Several of the therapists at Flaherty PT have specialized areas of treatment. One growing area is pediatric physical therapy. For infants with developmental issues, physical therapy gets them moving better and with increased function.

Flaherty’s therapists also treat youth athletes who come in with sports injuries.

“We love to work with the athletes,” he said. “From cheerleaders to football players, they’re hyper-motivated to get over their injuries and get back to doing what they love.”

Another growing aspect of therapy is dry needling. This treatment uses a thin, fine filament needle to create a response to increase blood flow and help with pain management.

In the fall of 2022, Flaherty Physical Therapy will add a pelvic health program to its offerings.

“The pelvic health program will initially be available for female pelvic floor dysfunction,” said Flaherty. “As the program develops and our therapists receive further training, we plan to offer this to both female and male patients. We anticipate this program growing quickly and strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment to assist patients with their pelvic health needs.”

Flaherty Physical Therapy offers ongoing workshops in its clinics. Topics include back pain, neck and shoulder issues, and balance and dizziness. In 2023, Flaherty will add a workshop on osteoporosis.

“The workshops are a great way for people to find out what’s going on in their bodies,” Flaherty said. “Everyone who attends leaves with 3-4 exercises they can start on the same day at their home.”

Flaherty believes the upbeat culture of his practice helps to differentiate it from other physical therapy offices. He calls himself the Chief Mojo Officer and challenges his staff with fun team competitions in the summer.

The clinic has grown from two employees in 2015 to 23 employees at the present time. Flaherty is pleased that his therapists have focused specializations to offer to the community.

“The most important thing for me was hiring people smarter than myself. I have some amazing therapists on staff,” he said.

“When people come in, we create a fun healing environment and focus on improvement. We want people to feel that it’s worth the time to come in for physical therapy. We take patients from a point of low energy to high energy. It’s all about them getting their mojo back,” he said.

Returning patients to a high quality of life is the ultimate goal of Flaherty Physical Therapy.

“We improve our patients’ function and their lives, so they can get back to doing what they love,” Flaherty said.

Flaherty Physical Therapy is accepting new patients at both of its locations in Northborough and Hudson. Call (508) 393-9000 or visit www.flahertyphysicaltherapy.com for more details.

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