Tavolino remains a community-centric gathering place post-pandemic


Tavolino remains a community-centric gathering place post-pandemic
Tavolino Chef Brian Boudreau stands next to General Manager Abby Winant. (Photo/
Kathryn Acciari)

WESTBOROUGH – As the pandemic loosens its hold, Tavolino restaurant remains firmly placed as a hub of the community.

“We are definitely excited to host more events and are starting to get more groups coming in,” says General Manager Abby Winant. “During COVID, we had to cap the number of people who could be in the restaurant. Now we have business groups, large families, and local sports teams who come in. We host the Westborough Rotary Club; I really appreciate that they think of us for their events.”

The patio at Tavolino is a favorite spot with patrons.

“I love our patio. Everyone loves it,” says Winant. “We had the patio prior to COVID, and we have kept the spacing of the tables since the pandemic. We’ve become aware that people like to have the extra space as they dine and sip wine.”

Another change that remains post-pandemic is the plexiglass spacers between the booths in the bar.

“We kept the dividers between the booths to create a more private space for people. It also cuts down on the noise level in the bar,” she says.

The take-out business at Tavolino has blossomed since the pandemic, and the restaurant has retained its pandemic-related take-out counter.

A popular series for take-out is the family meals. They feed four to six people generously, and include salad and bread with dipping oil. Some of the family meals offered are pasta bolognese, chicken marsala, and chicken parmesan. A new addition is steak tips with potatoes and green beans.

“The family meals are very popular,” Winant says. “They are half-trays of pasta and meat and easily feed six people. They are just the right size for a family.”

Winant recommends that people order the family meals at least an hour before they need them.

Winant is also excited about the seasonal offerings on the menu.

“We change the menu three to four times a year so that seasonal produce can be offered,” she says. “We embrace the Westborough Farmers’ Market, and our chef uses ingredients from the market to plan our specials on the weekend.”

The staff get excited knowing that they are serving vegetables that have never been frozen, and the farmers like to hear what the restaurant is doing with their produce.

The philosophy at Tavolino is to create traditional Italian recipes using the freshest ingredients, then add a twist to keep it interesting. For example, they recently modified their caprese salad to use creamy burrata instead of mozzarella cheese.

This type of creativity resonates with the restaurant’s community.

“We want to treat people like family. We like to call them by name. We want to be that place where you’ll get warm, welcoming service,” Winant says.

Visit Tavolino’s website at https://www.tavolinorestaurant.us/.

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