Marlborough scout builds bridges for Eagle Scout project


Marlborough scout builds bridges for Eagle Scout project
Erik Corbin stands on one of the bridges he built to make Panther Trail more accessible.

MARLBOROUGH – Erik Corbin built three bridges to make Marlborough’s Panther Trail more accessible for his Eagle Scout project.

Corbin supervised a team of volunteers to construct the bridges over areas of the trail where rainfall runs off and drains into a reservoir.

“I found it was very rewarding because it came out well, and I am very thankful for everyone who helped me and volunteered for that,” Corbin said.

How Corbin built the bridges

While he was trying to decide what to do for his project, his mother, who used to work at City Hall, suggested that he reach out to Conservation Officer Priscilla Ryder to see if she had any projects available.

He had the choice between two projects: creating a single, long bridge over a swampy area or the three bridges he ended up making. He chose the three because the longer bridge would have required the use of power tools that some of the younger volunteers could not use according to scout rules.

“I thought it would be better for the boys in our troop and everyone if I picked the three bridges,” Corbin said. “That way, I could have had more involvement with younger scouts.”

First Corbin and his father, who is a mechanical engineer, measured out the dimensions of how long the bridges would be. After determining they would be 12 to 14 feet long and 3 feet wide, his father showed him how to use math to determine the support needed to hold the weight of the people crossing the bridge.

Marlborough was able to supply some of the wood Corbin needed, and he ordered the rest from Home Depot.

Corbin reflects on scouting career

Corbin joined Boy Scouts at the end of fifth grade, and he has always loved being outdoors and doing activities like camping, fishing and hiking.

He highlighted the opportunities for service in Boy Scouts. For example, his troop always marches in the Labor Day Parade to collect money for the Disabled American Veterans.

Corbin said it felt good to lead a team of volunteers, who are friends he has known throughout his scouting career.

“I’ve led them in certain aspects before, but it was really different where I was the lead guy on this, and it was my project,” Corbin said.

Corbin said that it is very rewarding to now be an Eagle Scout.

“It feels nice just to know that I accomplished something in my time at scouting,” Corbin said.


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