St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Marlborough welcomes new pastor


St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Marlborough welcomes new pastor
Pastor Greg Mileski will become the regular supply pastor at St. Stephen’s beginning in September.

MARLBOROUGH – St. Stephen Lutheran Church will welcome Pastor Greg Mileski as its regular supply pastor on Sept. 11.

“I am very excited to spend some time walking with St. Stephen Lutheran Church,” Mileski said in a press release. “Helping all of us to grow our roots more deeply in this tradition that is centered around this truth: God loves us, and because of that we are free to love one another, exactly as much as we’ve always deep down wanted to!”

Pastor Joseph Graumann served St. Stephen’s from 2016 until this past June. He accepted a new position at a church in his home state of New Jersey.

Mileski grew up in the Pittsburgh area and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in religious studies.

“In college, I enjoyed classes in biology and chemistry, but really gravitated toward my classes in religion and literature,” Mileski said.

After graduating and before he started seminary, he spent three years working as a first grade teacher in Henderson, North Carolina, through Teach for America. Mileski attended Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.

While visiting another seminary in South Carolina, he met his wife, Jenny. After seminary, they married and moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he served in L’Anse. The pair have two children.

Mileski later continued his religious studies, including studying Buddhism at the University of Colorado and Naropa University after they moved to Colorado.

Mileski decided to attend Boston College, which he said is one of the world’s leading institutions in comparative theology, to earn his doctorate.

He is expected to graduate from Boston College in 2023. The Mileskis reside in Brighton.

St. Stephen Lutheran Church is located at 537 Bolton Street. For more information, visit