Keith’s Music House announces new, expanded location for 2023


Keith’s Music House announces new, expanded location for 2023
Keith’s Music House will be moving to a new location in Boylston next spring. (Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

BOYLSTON – Keith’s Music House announced big news recently: they will be moving to a new site at 220 East Temple Street in Boylston in early spring of 2023.

“The new location is twice the size of the old one,” said owner Keith Lewis. “We’ll have six practice rooms, and we plan to put in a coffee shop and a stage for performances. We want this to be seen as a legitimate place for musicians to play.” 

When Lewis opened his music school in 2015, he had 10 students. The popularity of his school’s offerings is evident by its growth – they have steadily grown to 150 students throughout the school year, and 60 students in their summer program.

“We really serve two different groups,” said Lewis. “We have our main group during the school year, and the kids enrolled in our summer Rock Sessions program.”

A common thread, though, is that Keith’s Music House has served students of all abilities and has tailored its lessons to each individual student.

“We have one student who is legally blind,” Lewis said. “He is one of the most talented kids I have come across. He plays everything. It’s like a superpower. You don’t see this all of the time.”

Like many businesses, Keith’s Music House has undergone pandemic-induced innovations.

“During COVID, we were able to go completely virtual and had 95% of our kids stay involved with their lessons,” said Lewis. “We also expanded our adult student base and now can offer virtual lessons to people who live far away or want a lesson over their lunch hour. The technology allows us to teach virtually, although in-person instruction is always better.”

Lewis and his wife, Sarah Lewis, run Keith’s Music House with the help of manager Annie Balunas. 

“Annie is my right-hand person,” said Lewis. “She is the glue that holds everything together. Annie was one of our students when she was in seventh grade. She has been a part of our family since then and knows what our students are doing.”

Most of the teachers at Keith’s Music House have been with the school since it opened. 

“We have a new vocal teacher from Scotland, and when we move to the new location, we plan to host a concert with all of our teachers and teaching assistants,” said Lewis. “My family members are all involved now, too. My daughter is in charge of our social media, and my son strings guitars. We’re all proud of this school.” 

Lewis spoke of his team as equal colleagues.

“I don’t have anybody who works for me; they work with me,” said Lewis. “I couldn’t do what we do without them.”

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