‘I hope they find that courage’


Letter to the Editor iconTo the Editor:

The restart of the Northborough Republican Town Committee almost escaped my notice.  While I support our two-party system, I have to question whether this restart is a good thing: it will depend on the direction the local committee takes.  Will it follow the lead of the GOP gubernatorial candidate, Geoff Diehl, and sign on to his recent statement that the 2020 election “definitely was an election that was stolen from Trump” (a reversal of his position of 2021) or will it accept the true outcome of the 2020 election – that Joseph Biden legitimately won, as certified by the states, dozens of courts, and the Congress (despite the GOP-sponsored insurrection).

The NRTC has to decide: will it be part of the revival of a working two-party system, or continue to follow the Republican party as it is now constituted, without a platform and in thrall to Trump.  A simple choice, it would seem, but one that requires loyalty to the Constitution, not to a person, and the courage to stand up for it.  I hope they find that courage.  I look forward to hearing from the NRTC.

James A. Vander Poel