‘I suggest becoming aware, informed and educated’


Letter to the Editor logoIn the interest of helping to support the local community and news, as encouraged by Publisher, David Bagdon, I think it is important to address the issue of the CDC’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.  There has never been a more important issue, as it has impacted the entire world.  In the limited space I am allowed, I submit the following:

On August 11, 2022 the CDC reversed its COVID-19 guidelines.  Instead of continuing to dictate its one-size-fits-all policy of social distancing, masking and vaccinations, it is now leaving it up to the individual to determine “which prevention behaviors to use…”.  In addition, the CDC has decided that it is no longer necessary to “differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur.”  The CDC also admits that natural immunity exists and works!!  This should be no surprise, as vaccines were developed to mimic the body’s natural response to a pathogen.  Testing is now reserved for symptomatic people, as opposed to testing everyone – with or without symptoms, which generated a plethora of false-positive “cases,” which were reported world-wide, feeding the pandemic frenzy. (Prior to the Covid pandemic, a “case” was a person with symptoms; absent symptoms, there was no “case”.)

Evidence abounds in opposition to the narrative that the Covid-19 “vaccinations” are “safe and effective.”  Until 2020, an “effective” vaccine was one which prevents infection.  Today, “effective” means that it prevents hospitalization/death. I would argue that even this statement is up for debate.  The question of “safety” of the Covid-19“vaccinations” requires a treatise.  Simply visit VAERS.hhs.gov and determine for yourself if this “vaccination” qualifies for “safe” status (note that according to the CDC, over 30,000 people have died and over 1 million injured, as a result of the Covid-19 “vaccine.”)

You deserve to know the facts and risks and to decide for yourself if you think the government, to whom powers are granted by “We the People,” or any agency or corporation, should be allowed to mandate what free individuals inject into their bodies.

I suggest becoming aware, informed and educated, and exercising your unalienable rights.

Jodie T. Chapin