Hudson High welcomes new school resource officer


Hudson High welcomes new school resource officer
School Resource Office Nick Lampson stands in front of Hudson High School. (Photo/Caroline Gordon)

HUDSON – When Nick Lampson was in high school, the Shrewsbury native looked up to his school resource officer (SRO), Mark Hester.

“My school resource officer in high school had a large influence on why I wanted to become a cop in general,” Lampson said. “I thought it [being a school resource officer] would be a cool position to be involved with.”

Now, Lampson patrols the halls of Hudson High School.

Lampson graduated from Shrewsbury and then attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in criminal justice.

After graduating college, Lampson landed a job working for the Hudson Police Department, where he worked as a patrol officer for two years.

Responsibilities of the school resource officer

In addition to working as the school resource officer, Lampson also works as a detective.

He said the SRO is the “first line of defense” if the school were to face a safety emergency.

“If something were to happen, it’s nice to have an SRO there. With school shootings threatening people across the country, a lot of parents feel better to have a police officer in the school,” he said.

Patrolling the halls and de-escalating potentially dangerous situations are the main responsibilities of the SRO, but Lampson said he also gets to help teach classes such as medical biology and crime scene analysis.

“I like teaching, which I found out about recently. I like to talk and I am very extroverted,” he said.

Lampson added, “I can create relationships with the students and really act as a solid liaison between the police department and the school system.”

Lampson is not the only SRO in Hudson. Chad Crogan, who is the handler of the popular comfort dog Murf, ensures the safety of the Hudson elementary and middle schools.

“Chad has significantly more experience than me. I have already learned so much about this [working as a SRO]. He’s a great resource, as well as Murf,” he said.

Crogan said Lampson is doing a great job engaging with the students and staff.

“He is excited to work with our youth and [is] becoming a positive role model for them,” Crogan said.

Lampson said the kids have a “great level of respect” for him.

“I try my best to treat every single person who I encounter with as much respect as I possibly can no matter the situation,” he said.

One of the ways Lampson interacts with the students is by leaving his office stocked with candy for students to grab on their way to class.

“I have one of those barn doors. It used to be a school store. I close the bottom and leave the top open when I’m in there … the kids stop in and talk and it’s a good way to build relationships with certain students throughout the school,” he said.

Lampson added, “If they need something, I want them to know they can come to me and ask questions.”

Hester, who is a patrolman with the Shrewsbury Police Department, said it feels good to know that this former Shrewsbury High School student was inspired to become a police officer thanks to his work as an SRO.

“I know that Nick Lampson will do a great job and have that positive impact on the students at Hudson High,” he said.


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