‘[Hannah Kane] is a tireless fighter’


Letter to the Editor logoTo the Editor:

I have personally worked with Hannah Kane on many projects across our town, supporting our public schools, mental health services for our community, the local food pantry, the homeless, etc. Time and time again, she steps in to help, brings attention to a problem and stays until it is resolved.  She is accessible, knowledgeable, reliable and responsive.  I have been impressed by how she promotes women in business and women’s rights and fights for public health legislation and funding for food insecurity.  Hannah has impressive leadership skills that can bring together people of differing opinions, to work towards a common goal.  She has a passion for her community that is unequaled.  She listens to the people she represents and is adept at anticipating needs as well as obtaining the financial support for those needs.  She is a tireless fighter and she is the best candidate for state representative for the 11th Worcester District.

Kathleen Keohane
Shrewsbury, MA

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