Democrat for Diehl


Letter to the Editor logoDon’t get me wrong — for my entire my life, I’ve been a JFK democrat. But over the past few years, the democratic party has morphed into something unrecognizable. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Governor’s race. 

Comedian Robin Williams once said that politicians should wear Nascar jackets to display who their sponsors are. Great idea! 

Maura Healey’s sponsor page is a color guard of logos — at least 15 unions, 5 or so political action committees and 3 abortion groups. Geoff Diehl’s is a list of private individuals. It’s difficult not to see Healey as beholden to her organizational endorsements. 

The most prominent individual endorsing Diehl is Trump, which will likely trigger many to discount Diehl without further investigation. While it’s unfair to do so, I can understand why. To say I was horrified when Trump became president is an understatement. 

But I have to admit things were pretty peaceful and prosperous around the world under Trump. During his administration, gas prices were at $1.80/gallon, our grocery bills were one third lower and mortgage rates were at an all-time low (now a 40 year high). Today, I am extremely concerned about the open border, the fentanyl crisis and of course, war. 

I also watched the debate. 

Healey seemed to tie every answer into either a rant about Trump or abortion. In fact, more often than not there was little substance to her answers. We have very strong laws in MA for reproductive rights, but she insisted on fanning the flames of fear with contemptuous rhetoric. 

Meanwhile, Diehl was steadfast in his promise to protect the right of every individual to make their own health care choices, including women’s reproductive rights and the right to employment security regardless of vaccination status — pointing out that “my body, my choice” must apply to both. 

Diehl said everything I hoped to hear. He came across as strong, sincere, and compassionate — even under attack. He offered thoughtful solutions to many problems we face in our commonwealth. 

Digging deeper, Diehl has my vote. 

Naomi Halpern

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