‘Even Governor Baker was against this new law’


Letter to the Editor logoTo the Editor: 

All eligible voters who do not have access to a computer should be aware that there are four questions on the November 2022 ballot not three as stated in the “information for voters” booklet which everyone received in the mail. The fourth question was added after the booklets were mailed. There will be no notice sent by mail to voters of this change. The only place you can view this question is on line. 

Question #4 is a vote to keep or repeal the law the legislature has already passed on giving Massachusetts drivers’ license or permits to illegal aliens. If a yes vote is made, the law will stand and licenses will be issued to illegal aliens. If a no vote is made, the law will be repealed and illegal aliens will not be able to obtain a Mass driver’s license. The proponents for this law argue that it will keep the roads safe. In reality, the Registry of Motor Vehicles does not have the capability or expertise necessary to verify any type of foreign documents that the illegal aliens could possibly give them as to their identity. Mass drivers’ licenses would no longer confirm that a person is who they say they are. The law also specifically restricts the Registry’s ability to share citizenship information with groups responsible for ensuring only citizens register to vote in our elections. This would increase the chance that noncitizens will register to vote.

Even Governor Baker was against this new law. A no vote would repeal this law and insure that Mass drivers’ licenses would not go to illegal aliens. 

Carole A. David