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Letter to the Editor logoWe strongly support the upcoming Article for the renovation of the Westborough Public Library at a special town meeting on December 10th. Our reasons for support: (1)every community should have a functional and updated Public Library, (2) a public community library should never be overlooked or shortchanged, (3) It provides computer access to the impoverished or handicapped, (4) it provides access to outside resources, other lending libraries, academic papers, (5) group  access to events ( English as second language classes, educational presentations (6)  intensive computer classes (7) Matching with schools, (8) Book sales, (9) access to latest magazines and newspapers, (10) membership of take-out DVDS, (11) access to free WI-F-I,  (12) access to other Public Libraries (13) a local Library website for your use to assist you in whatever you want, and (14)numerous other benefits! The 9-million-dollar state grant has been set aside by the state for Westborough if the Article passes. If the Article does not pass Westborough will lose the grant of 9-million dollars. It was earned by the extraordinary and tireless efforts of numerous citizens who labored over several years for all citizens. They include library committee, library staff, architects, planners, contractors and volunteer citizens. Numerous hours were expended by them to earn the grant gift. In all likelihood, it will never be available again if the Article fails. Citizens of all ages deserve to have an updated library for themselves and all future generations. We urge you to attend special town meeting on December 10 at 9:00 AM, and vote in favor of the Library Article.

John and Suzanne McCann