Haul Away Junk Removal prioritizes customer satisfaction in its clean-out services


Haul Away Junk Removal prioritizes customer satisfaction in its clean-out services
William Shomphe, who started Haul Away Junk Removal, poses for a photo.
(Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

MARLBOROUGH – William Shomphe started Haul Away Junk Removal in 2020 after being hired to clean out a residential basement. Since that time, he has expanded the company’s services to include demolition, recycling, and bulk waste removal. He added dumpster rentals in 2022, which he delivers to customers’ yards. 

“People can load their content themselves instead of paying our crew to do it. It helps them save money,” said Shomphe. 

Much of Haul Away’s business comes from word-of-mouth and referrals. Their expertise includes everything from small home clean-outs to hotel and apartment complex renovations to demolition of items such as sheds, pools, and hot tubs. Shomphe frequently works with realtors who have clients who need to empty their homes, and property managers at apartment complexes call Haul Away for cleanouts as well. 

“Homeowners’ Associations and apartment complexes call us when renovations are needed and a dumpster is not allowed on-site,” said Shomphe. “Our crew comes in and gets the job done cleanly.”

Shomphe added that they frequently get calls when trees fall on garages or sheds, or to dismantle children’s playscapes. Haul Away completes a lot of demolition work on large, unsafe structures.

“We subcontract for cranes and other larger equipment when we need to. Those types of jobs help us grow our skills and problem-solve. We learn about different insurance requirements with those types of jobs, too,” said Shomphe.

Haul Away complies with state regulations for trash handling. They have a focus on recycling when possible and have incorporated the new textile recycling mandates by the state of Massachusetts.

“We offload everything we can for recycling, instead of just taking items to the landfills,” said Shomphe. “Textiles now have to be recycled. That includes mattresses, box springs, clothing, couches – anything with fabric is 90% recyclable, and we’ll take care of it for our customers.”

Haul Away also sorts items that can be donated to second hand centers, such as Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and Savers.

“We donate as much as we can: bar stools, office furniture, tables,” said Shomphe. “We like the idea of items being reused by people in the community who need them.”

Haul Away Junk Removal strives for customer satisfaction, and that shows in its Google Reviews; the company has over 100 5-Star Google reviews. For 2023, Shomphe plans to grow the company’s crew, and he wants to add more equipment and services such as storage units.

“Our team is available for small and large jobs. We’re more affordable than the larger junk removal franchises,” said Shomphe. “We are motivated to overcome problems so we can learn and adapt. That ultimately benefits our customers.”

Visit Haul Away Junk Removal at https://haulaway-junkremoval.com/ or call them at (508) 246-7411.

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