Mexican culture and creative cuisine are found at Tequila’s Mexican Cantina


Mexican culture and creative cuisine are found at Tequila’s Mexican Cantina
Eric Brambila stands at the bar of Tequila’s Mexican Cantina in Hudson. (Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

HUDSON – Tequila’s Mexican Cantina opened in Hudson in the summer of 2022, and owner Eric Brambila has seen steady business since the first day.

“Our menu has been a hit since we opened,” said Brambila.”One of our most popular selections is the Torta. This is a Mexican sandwich that we stuff with pork and then cover in red sauce, so it is wet on the outside. And one of our specialties is the Birria Jalisco. This is a tortilla filled with beef and served with a dipping consomme made of the beef’s juice.”

Brambila grew up in Chicago, and his wife is from California. Both of their parents are from Jalisco, the state in Mexico where the tequila agave plant is grown. Their families’ love of cooking, and the history of tequila in Jalisco, inspired Brambila’s vision for his Tequila Mexican Cantinas, of which there are now three. 

In the making of tequila, only the tequila agave plant can be used. The bulb of the plant is harvested, and the juice is then fermented in barrels and distilled. 

Brambila said, “My uncle has a tequila agave farm. You can tell an authentic tequila, as the bottle will have the estate label on it. By law, tequila agave can only be grown in Jalisco.”

At Brambila’s restaurant, he stocks 100 bottles of tequila of all different ages and types.

On the menu, a wide variety of tacos are offered. Dos Equis XX Tacos contain fish or shrimp cooked in a Dos Equis beer batter. Tokyo Tacos have an Asian flair and include strip steak, carrots, cabbage, soy, and scallions. Diego’s Tacos contain buttermilk chicken with cabbage.

“All of our tacos are unique,” said Brambila. “They truly are signature tacos. People love them. And then there are our fajitas, made with our secret marinade. They sell like crazy.”

Rounding out the menu is a homemade Chocolate Abuelita Cake, made from a Mexican powder that is typically used to make hot chocolate.

Tequila’s is decorated with symbols from the Mexican Day of the Dead, a festival in which people honor those who have passed away.

“We make a big celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. We have a fiesta with parades, and we visit the cemeteries,” said Brambila. “This year, we held a Day of the Dead celebration here at Tequila’s. We wanted to introduce our customers to some of our Mexican traditions.”

Brambila talked of the upcoming holidays, saying that the restaurant is booking holiday parties. Tequila’s is also open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, serving an enticing menu that is gaining popularity. 

Tequila’s Mexican Cantina is located at 167 Broad Street in Hudson. Visit Tequila’s website at