Shrewsbury residents stock up community fridge for holiday season


Shrewsbury residents stock up community fridge for holiday season
Rotary President Sandy Burgers shows off the new fridge during the ribbon cutting over the summer. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

SHREWSBURY – The Shrewsbury community fridge will continue to provide free food for residents in need throughout this holiday season.

The fridge, which was installed next to the senior center over the summer, was donated to the town by the Rotary Club.

Past President Sandy Burgers believes residents may use it more in the coming weeks as the need for food increases during the holiday season.

She said “everyone has been generous all along,” but in recent weeks, more donations have been made.

“Something is there and then it’s gone. The need is huge right now,” Burgers said.

The idea to open a community fridge in Shrewsbury came to Burgers during the pandemic because of the food insecurity residents faced during COVID-19.

Since it opened, she said that residents have been donating and taking needed food while also maintaining the fridge.

“It’s been amazing to watch the community come together and take it over,” she said.

Residents usually drop off canned foods and refrigerated items. Burgers said the Girl Scouts donated ingredients residents could use to bake a cake for birthdays or the holidays.

Staples made large donations to the fridge and is considering setting up a basket with food in their store, so people would have more access to free food during the holiday season, according to Burgers.

“It’s really humbling to see the community provide so much for our neighbors in need,” Burgers said.

With the rising cost of groceries, President Beth Casavant said it’s “more important than ever” that people have access to free food.

“The success of the community fridge depends on the generosity of the entire community. The Rotary Club is grateful for the ongoing support of businesses, community groups, individuals and the army of volunteers who manage the fridge and keep it stocked, especially with the holiday season upon us,” she added.

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