Jersey Mike’s Subs grows fan base in Central Massachusetts


Jersey Mike’s Subs grows fan base in Central Massachusetts
Wendy, Walter and Tyler Tombs pose for a photo inside Jersey Mike’s. (Photo/Submitted)

SHREWSBURY – Tyler Tombs discovered Jersey Mike’s Subs as a child growing up on the Jersey Shore and has remained a fan for so long, he decided to join the franchise and open his own shops.

 “I started eating Jersey Mike’s sandwiches at age five and became a regular customer. It got to the point where I would walk in, and they would have my sub ready for me!,” said Tombs.

Tombs opened his first store in Shrewsbury just after COVID. He had been working in an accounting role through the pandemic and realized that he did not care for working from home.

“I discovered that I could open a Jersey Mike’s store in Shrewsbury. I trained for a year and then opened the store in November of 2021,” said Tombs. 

Tombs opened a Westborough shop in June of 2022 and plans to expand into Worcester and other markets. He plans to build his team and promote from within.

“Our culture is positive and safe, very upbeat and family-friendly,” said Tombs. “We train our staff from the beginning, as if they have never before worked in food service, and each team member grows at their own pace.”

The franchise subscribes to a philosophy known as the Power of the Sub Sandwich.

“At Jersey Mike’s we believe that in the process of making someone’s sandwich, we can brighten their day,” said Tombs. “Making subs should be fun.”

The Jersey Mike’s franchise prioritizes giving back, and this gives Tombs an opportunity to connect with the local community. March is the Month of Giving, and in 2022, the franchise supported the Special Olympics at a national level and gave over $20,000,000 to the non-profit. 

“We also have an annual Day of Giving, where 100% of the proceeds of our sub sales goes to a local charity. At our Shrewsbury store, we raised $16,000 in Shrewsbury this year for The Special Olympics. There was a line out the door even past closing time. My parents came to help, and they baked bread all day,” recalled Tombs. “Jersey Mike’s is a national franchise, but each shop is locally owned. We’re members of the community.”

Jersey Mike’s makes subs that are similar to what a local mom-and-pop sub shop would make. The restaurant prepares subs “Mike’s Way,” which includes topping the sandwich withThe Juice, a secret red wine and vinegar blend. Some of the most popular subs are the Original Italian, the Turkey and Provolone, and Mike’s Famous Chipotle Cheesesteak.

“Our Shrewsbury grand opening set records. Even during the winter COVID surge, people were buying our subs. Our food travels well, so it is easy to take home,” said Tombs. “If you haven’t tried us, you should give us a shot!”

Visit Jersey Mike’s Subs at 120 Boston Turnpike in Shrewsbury or go to