Westborough girls basketball team defeats Shrewsbury


Westborough girls basketball team defeats Shrewsbury
Westborough faced off against Shrewsbury on Dec. 22. (Photo/Renee Thompson)

WESTBOROUGH – The Westborough and Shrewsbury girls basketball teams went head-to-head on Dec. 22.

The Rangers ultimately emerged victorious, beating the Colonials 44-30. 

“We set our goals together before the game, and the girls came out and met each goal we set,” said Head Coach Erin Studivan. “The girls knew we needed to bring energy to the game and play Ranger basketball to get a win.”

Studivan said she was “very proud” of her players, noting that they come to practice every day and work hard, which carries over to playing hard in games.

“Their focus is not on themselves, and how many points they can score. Instead, they focus on the team and what the team needs to get a win,” she said.