Four generations hang American flag in Cox Square


Four generations hang American flag in Cox Square
Hudson DPW employee Kenny Blood manned the bucket truck for the installation of the lighted American flag at Cox Square, time-honored custom of Manning Post VFW. (Photo/Courtesy)

HUDSON – A fourth generation was in the group of workers who re-hung the lighted American flag in Cox Square for the holiday season. 

Brady Blood, 13, is the great-grandson of the late George “Jeep” Blood, who was among the members of Manning Post VFW who originally hung the 8 x 10 foot symbol in 1953. 

Brady, an eighth grader at Hudson High School, is the son of Kenny Blood, Hudson Department of Public Works employee, who was in the bucket truck securing the flag.

Kenny said he was about five-years-old when he first witnessed the custom. 

“My grandfather, ‘Jeep’ Blood, was among VFW members who started the tradition, and I used to join my Dad, the late Ronald Blood in the annual re-hanging,” Kenny said.  

George “Jeep” Blood was a World War II Army veteran and Ronald Blood was an Army veteran of the Vietnam War.

Kenny said the bulbs are removed each year and the flag is stored annually courtesy of  the Hudson Fire Department. It is transported by trailer to the Cox Square site, Central and Lincoln streets, by Manning Post VFW members and helpers. 

“Before hanging, we install or replace all 548 bulbs,” he said.  

All the volunteers enjoy a free breakfast at the Manning Post VFW on Palmieri Drive after the event. 

“It is an honor to keep the tradition alive,” said Kenny, “and we hope the flag itself, and the poles to which we attach it, will remain as long as possible.”


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