Nu-Face Kitchens provides beautiful upgrades at a comfortable price


Nu-Face Kitchens provides beautiful upgrades at a comfortable price
Sheila Bourque and her husband Al opened Nu-Face Kitchens 35 years ago. (Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

SHREWSBURY – Nu-Face Kitchens has had a strong presence in the home improvement arena since opening 35 years ago. 

As with many businesses, the pandemic gave owners Sheila and Al Bourque an opportunity to re-evaluate their product and service offerings. In 2020, they moved from having a large showroom to a more intimate, consultative studio.

“The studio format works very well with our clients,” said owner Sheila Bourque. “We offer one-on-one consultations and can demonstrate our products without being interrupted. Our clients enjoy the personalized attention that we now provide. Keeping it small allows us to provide a level of service that people need and appreciate.”

In the course of downsizing from a large showroom to a smaller studio, the Bourques were able to select and offer only products that they truly like and can stand behind.

“There are many different brands of cabinets available in this industry. We chose products that offer high quality at a reasonable, affordable price,” said Bourque.

In their business, Bourque and her husband take definitive roles. Bourque is the intuitive consultant who assesses and coordinates each project. Her husband Al is the designer, and their foreman Steve manages the on-site process.

“I help our clients choose all of the products that will make their kitchen beautiful. I stay on top of color trends so that the new kitchen design will enhance your home,” said Bourque. “Al puts it all down in a design plan for our clients, and Steve brings it to life within the home.”

Nu-Face Kitchens offers its clients three levels of kitchen upgrades. The first level is painting the cabinets, hardware, and backsplash. This is for the client with a smaller budget who wants to spruce up their home. The second level is refacing the cabinets for a fresh, modern look. And the third level is replacing everything, which is the most expensive option.

“Nu-Face is able to bring beautiful products to upgrade your home. Our pricing is tailored to a comfortable level for each client,” said Bourque.

Most of the products that Nu-Face Kitchens carries are American-made and local to the northeast, and the Bourques prioritize products that follow green regulations for low-VOC emissions. One trend that Bourque is seeing in kitchen remodeling is a movement toward solid surface counters.

“Homeowners want granite and quartz now, as they are so appealing and have become more affordable,” said Bourque. “It is rare that anyone chooses laminate countertops anymore.” 

Nu-Face Kitchens also offers a handyman service to diagnose problems and provide repairs. The company does small basement remodeling as long as it does not involve plumbing.

“Your home is your castle,” said Bourque. “We help our clients feel happy to be at home and take pride in entertaining at home.”

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