New Year New Me!


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We are in a New Year!  The gyms are packed and the credit card bills from the holidays are establishing a new high-water mark. It’s a great time to think about your next home!

If you are thinking about selling, it is a great time to assess where you are in the process.  It’s a great time of year to start decluttering the house, donating, or tossing the accumulations of years.  I’m not a big believer in wholesale renovations to sell and know a coat of paint can be an affordable way to freshen a space.

The key for people is having a trusted partner to guide through the process.  Like having a trainer at the gym.

You’ll hear real estate types reference Spring Market.  Spring market generally starts “March-ish” ….it can be as early as February or as late at April – all depending on the weather.  Snow pushes it out.  School schedules are a big factor for many….so folks can be settled for the new school year…and late spring is “go time.”

If you are selling and need to identify your next home, you are also a buyer!

Buyers will be coming out in droves in January…creating demand prior to many sellers having their home on the market.  While it is real demand and we’ll see some competition for properties, I do not expect a return to homes selling well over asking in an afternoon.  Yet, being fleet of foot will be rewarded.

How do you stretch those muscles?  Make sure you are clear on your funding strategy.  Are you a cash buyer?  Do you have a down payment?  What can you afford since interest rates impact affordability?  If you are also selling, do you need to sell to buy?  How is your credit – does it need some work, too?

A conversation with a financial planner or a mortgage loan officer will bring clarity to this topic.  This is a critical step in being ready.  In real estate it is typical to have multiple disciplines on your team…just like having a nutrition coach.

Unclear where to start?  A Realtor can help you assess your situation and help coordinate resources, so you maximize value.  The key is like starting the new year at the gym…it’s not something to talk about…it is something to do. We can help you put together a plan for success.  Think of the Realtor as a trainer for your desire to get a new you from a home standpoint.

Once people commit to a trainer they tend to show up and this makes a huge difference in their success.  There is no need to delay in the conversation.  Call today!

Here is free app for your phone/tablet tied directly to the MLS

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New Year New Me!

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