Westborough Inn license renewed for 2023


Westborough Inn license renewed for 2023
After a flurry of inspections and re-inspections the last week of December, the Westborough Inn was granted an innkeeper/lodging house permit for 2023. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

WESTBOROUGH – It was close, but the Westborough Inn at 4 Boardman Street has started the new year with a clean slate.

After several inspections and re-inspections the final week of December, the inn’s innkeeper/lodging house permit has been renewed.

The Westborough Inn was able to comply with the requirements and therefore was granted their 2023 license renewal prior to January 1st,” said Town Manager Kristi Williams.

During the Select Board meeting on Dec. 27, Justin O’Riordan, who joined the inn as regional operations manager this month, apologized for the slow process of renewing its innkeeper/lodging house permit.

He cited staff turnaround, including a manager who left due to health issues, as part of the reason why the renewal process was delayed.

The inn, with a total of 28 rooms, currently has 14 rooms unavailable because of renovations to its bathrooms. The permit was issued in July.

O’Riordan said that construction was almost done, and the rooms are getting certified. He added that four out of the 14 bathrooms are done and awaiting inspection.

The town’s building and fire departments conducted inspections on Dec. 28. According to the Fire Department’s inspection report, the basement common room was impassable because of mattresses; the fire alarm and sprinklers also failed inspection.

The inn passed re-inspection by the building and fire departments on Dec. 29.

List of applications

According to the town’s Building Department, the Westborough Inn filed several applications in 2022.

In February, the inn applied to have work done on 14 bathrooms. This included painting the bathroom shower tubs and stalls as well as new vanities and tile. This permit was issued in July.

On July 20, Westborough Inn applied to have its plumbing inspected. 

Feb. 4 – Application to have work done on 14 bathrooms, including painting bathroom shower tubs and stalls, as well as new vanities and tile. The permit was issued on July 7. The inspection for the rough plumbing was approved on Dec. 27. The town has yet to sign off.

After applying for an electrical inspection, the inn passed inspection, and the town signed off on Sept. 21.

According to information filed with the Better Business Bureau, the inn has been open since 1980. East American Inn has been the owner since September 2020.

For information on the Westborough Inn, visit www.westboroughinn.com.