Grants to help boost Marlborough downtown business


Grants to help boost Marlborough downtown business
The crowds came early – and hungry – to the Food Truck and Arts Festival last September Main Street in Marlborough. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

MARLBOROUGH – Two grants recently approved by the City Council will help enliven downtown this year.

The Regional Economic Development Organization’s Grant Program gave the Marlborough Economic Development Corp. $35,466.20 for downtown improvements and to increase foot traffic.

The funds will be used to install temporary containers/pods for retailers from spring through fall.

“Construction plans will begin this spring to renovate the back of City Hall and Weed Street, as well as Main Street to create a more inviting atmosphere that will increase foot traffic while slowing vehicle traffic,” said Mayor Arthur Vigeant in a message to the City Council. “This grant will give some small businesses who aren’t able to rent on Main Street an opportunity to showcase their products downtown on a temporary basis, thus strengthening our local economy.”

Another grant, for $15,000 from the Marlborough Cultural Council, was awarded to the Downtown Village Cultural District to be used to plan and support the annual Food Truck and Artisan Festival.

This grant will be administered through the Marlborough Economic Development Corp. (MEDC).

“I’d like to thank the Mass Cultural Council for supporting this popular event, and the MEDC staff for organizing and implementing this family fun event, and incorporating our local businesses and civic organizations,” said Vigeant.

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