Civic Kitchen & Drink closes following building assessment


Civic Kitchen & Drink closes following building assessment
The Civic Kitchen is located at 121 W Main Street. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

WESTBOROUGH – Last October, the Civic Kitchen & Drink restaurant at the Westborough Country Club closed to repair the damage caused by a flood. It was due to open this spring.

Civic Kitchen & Drink opened in 2016. However, because of a building assessment done by the town over the winter, the Civic Kitchen & Drink has closed for good.

During its Tuesday, Jan. 24, meeting, the Select Board decided not to move forward with a Request for Proposals once the lease expires on March 1.

According to Town Manager Kristi Williams, under public procurement laws, the town is required to put the lease out to bid through an RFP. However, given the level of work needed on the building, there will be no RFP for the restaurant.

The golf course and pro shop will open as usual this spring.

“We’re definitely keeping the golf club open,” said Town Manager Kristi Williams.

According to Williams, it would cost around $800,000 just to make repairs.

“I was disappointed” about the restaurant not being able to renew its lease, said Select Board Chair Ian Johnson. “We had a successful lessee … the town’s been leasing out a restaurant for close to 50 years.”

Williams said the Recreation Department is exploring options such as food trucks.

The board discussed forming a committee to determine the future use of the building.

Johnson said the site has between 7,000 and 8,000 square feet, and “much of it unused.”

“My hope is to do this quickly,” said Johnson.

Details of the proposed committee will be brought forth at a future board meeting.

Town Meeting articles

The Westborough Country Club plans to use some of its earnings to make several purchases.

The Recreation Department is presenting three articles in this spring’s Annual Town Meeting warrant regarding these purchases:

  • An indoor golf simulator ($50,000)
  • Replacing a utility vehicle ($50,000)
  • Replacing a rough mower ($95,000)

All three articles request a transfer of funds from the club’s earnings account, and all three articles require a simple majority vote.

The Annual Town Meeting will convene on March 25 at 9 a.m. at Westborough High School.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Civic Kitchen & Drink damaged by a fire. It was damaged by plumbing issue.