Moving is a Hassle


Gary Kelley, Realtor®
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After nine years in my home, I am moving to a neighboring town.  This will be my 11th move since college. And it is still a hassle.

My sense is to sell the property “vacant.”  My 2-bedroom condo is really a 1 bed condo with an office set up.  I’m not sure buyers will understand the “office is really a bedroom.”

First stop was an estate sale company.  My thinking was to let them clear it out.  The nice owner of the company informed me, “Gary, you have nothing of value.”  I would argue 20 years of accumulated Jordan’s Furniture in good shape was valuable….if only to me.  And I heard the message.  So now I had to deal with it on my own.

It starts with the size of the place you’re moving into. I don’t need anything from the first floor, so my kids took the couches, kitchen table and assorted décor items.  I sold one of my cars….while a fun little car it wasn’t getting used often.  I’m left with the bedroom and office, and a two car garage of “stuff” (car stuff, real estate stuff, tools and the like.)  I haven’t ventured into the attic or the area under my stairs.  Yes, I’ve been there 9 years and seem to have accumulated more stuff.

And then I tested positive for Covid.  I’m all vaccinated and boosted so it wasn’t horrible.  My doctor said to take Vitamin C 1000mg twice daily, Zinc 25mg-50mg daily and Quercetin 500mg.  Nothing prescription so I felt encouraged.  That said, I couldn’t have anyone come help me pack and frankly wasn’t up to it.

A friend has a home in Maine and lost power.  I had to go to the house and make sure the pipes didn’t freeze.  While I was successful, you can see I’d rather go watch ice form in pipes than pack.  I have excuses like everyone else.

At this point, I am two weeks into my move and am already tired of moving.  I know if I succumb to putting it off….I’ll be selling in the summer.  I want to sell now when there is low inventory.

Some stuff can be moved by car (like clothing) and some stuff I simply have to move (like my network and computer equipment.)  I haven’t taken any time off of work….and probably need to take a day or two.

Of course, I need to clean the house and get into the real estate listing process….photos, drone, floor plans, listings, etc.  The condo won’t sell itself and it needs to be seen to be sold.

I know what I must do.  Focus and finish.  And I will….right after I figure out what the Verizon guy is doing outside.  I’m sure he needs my help.

Don’t put off what you need to get done. If necessary, schedule it out in smaller bites so it is doable, and hold yourself accountable.

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Moving is a Hassle

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