Marlborough police caution against theft groups


Marlborough police caution against theft groups
(Photo/Laura Hayes)

MARLBOROUGH – The Marlborough Police Department is warning residents about “theft groups” involving multiple people targeting wallets in bags.

According to the department, the city is one of several communities in the state that have been targeted by this type of theft.

The group targets victims in coffee shops and restaurants who have handbags hanging on their chair, according to police. The suspects will position themselves nearby, and then they will reach into the bag and remove the wallet. Then, the suspect will steal the credit cards before replacing the wallet.

“Next, they leave the establishment and go on a shopping spree,” police wrote in a press release.

The department is urging residents to keep their handbags and wallets in close view if they’re at a coffee shop, restaurant or out in public.

Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity should call the police at 508-485-1212.

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