Ways to Advertise Your Shrewsbury, MA Business


Ways to Advertise Your Shrewsbury, MA Business
The historic Edgemere Diner sits at 51 Hartford Turnpike in Shrewsbury. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

Advertising your Shrewsbury, MA business is a must, and there are many ways that you can make sure that potential clients can find out about your company. Many companies know that they need to have an online presence, and they realize that they might want to be sure that they manage their social media accounts carefully. However, beyond these two advertising outlets, many businesses are not aware of their other options to advertise effectively.

Working with a skilled marketing agency in Shrewsbury, MA, can make all the difference in the results of your marketing efforts. Most business owners do not have time to manage both their company and their advertising needs. A local marketing agency will know how to maximize the money that businesses have to spend on advertising and can help diversify the kinds of outreach that a business is using to reach customers.

Knowing more about where you should advertise your Shrewsbury business is the first important step. If you want to learn more about the different advertising options open to you, keep reading!

Ways to Advertise Your Shrewsbury Business

1.       Advertising with Google

Google is one of the most effective ways to make sure that local and national consumers can find your business easily. Google allows you a great amount of control over your ad placements and the ad types that you have opted to run. You can also use Google’s business information page for your company to make sure that your local contact information is correct.

Once Google knows where your business is and has your business’ contact information, the algorithms that direct ad placements and listings for online searches will be targeted much more accurately toward consumers in your local area. Reaching out to consumers who are looking locally for your kind of goods and services is key, and many businesses miss this important step when they are creating their marketing plan. Always be sure that you are maximizing your ad spend on Google by taking advantage of the local advertising and search visibility that is offered by this search engine.

2.       Advertising With Facebook

Facebook might seem like a pain if you hate being on social media, but Facebook is a key part of any advertising plan for any kind of business. No matter what niche your company is in, you can use Facebook ads to get reliable results with effective targeting. Facebook makes it really easy to advertise to a very specific group of potential customers, and it is easy to create effective and interesting ads with their provided tools.

Facebook ads are also really affordable, which makes them a great way to back up other advertising efforts that you have in motion. Managing Facebook ads is actually quite straightforward as well through the provided ad management tools within the platform, making this an ad type that has a very short learning curve for most people.

3.       Restroom Ads

Restroom ads are a great way to market to specific kinds of consumers. You can place these ads on signboards inside the doors of restrooms at diners, bars, and even rest areas in some parts of the country. Restroom ads can be far more effective than you might think, and they are not very expensive to place. The key to using these ads to their max potential is that they need to be eye-catching and informative. The language and the design of the ad really matter when you have a few moments to catch someone’s eye.

This is one of the ad types that can be made much more effective with an advertising team on your side. Having an ad agency create this kind of ad can make the ad much more effective and can help you to reach customers who have not found you online or on social media.

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