Marlborough officials request midyear budget transfers


Marlborough officials request midyear budget transfers
Marlborough City Hall

MARLBOROUGH – Reimbursements for fuel costs, funding a new position and contract negotiations were among the reasons city departments requested midyear budget transfers totaling more than $1.6 million.

The transfers were brought up during the City Council’s meeting on Monday, Feb. 13.

The city’s finance office is requesting $25,100 from the vacant principal clerk position to cover the newly created replacement position of treasury/payroll manager through June 30. The Auditor’s Department is requesting $117,000 to help the city pursue tax-delinquent properties.

In a letter to Mayor Arthur Vigeant, Director of Finance Patrick Jones said, “There is a property that for many years has been in tax title. The city has acquired this troubled property. The city’s ownership and control of this property is being challenged in multiple courts. Litigation is ongoing and in full thrust, and expected to be resolved in the next 18 months.”

Jones is requesting $98,000 to cover anticipated legal fees through June 30 and $19,000 to help cover fees in its other services account through June 30.

In other transfer requests, the Fort Meadow Commission will require $1,200 to increase the fuel reimbursement for members. Additionally, $117,400 was requested for four police officer retirements, $41,700 for one firefighter retirement and an additional $235,000 for anticipated contractual negotiations. 

Another request was $156,803 to offset Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School’s amended assessment. 

The information technology department is requiring $59,500 to cover the phone upgrades for the city and school department to keep them compliant with the state regulations, and the fire department will require a transfer for $86,500 for equipment, equipment repair and maintenance, and emergency events that required mutual aid and increased rehabilitation expenses.

The Department of Public Works is requesting a transfer in the amount of $730,500 to cover various expenses, including pump repairs; building maintenance and repair; and an increase in costs for chemicals for water treatment. Most of these funds will come from the DPW’s solid waste disposal account.

Human Resources is requesting $22,775 for the director’s salary line item and anticipated additional training requests by department heads. The Board of Health will require $1,072 to cover sick leave buy back and longevity that was mistakenly omitted from the 2023 fiscal year budget. The legal office will require $48,500 to fully fund outside council due to unbudgeted services.

The requests have been sent to the council’s Finance Committee.


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