Marlborough police announce retirements


Marlborough police announce retirements
Sgt. Tim Harpin, left, retired from the Police Department after 25 years of service. (Photo/Marlborough Police Department)

MARLBOROUGH – The Marlborough Police Department recently announced two retirements.

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, Sgt. Tim Harpin wrapped up a career that began in 1997. Shortly after he started, he was assigned to the 4-12 shift, where he has worked for the majority of his career. 

He was promoted to sergeant in 2005.

“Harpin’s leadership abilities epitomized his role as a supervisor, and his quiet and steadying influence has been essential on the evening shift,” according to the department via Facebook. “For the last 30 years, Sgt. Harpin has been a leader in the department and, without a doubt, has earned the respect and admiration of every officer and employee who has worked alongside him and under his command.”

Harpin worked his final shift on Feb. 5; here is the final radio call “Thank You” for him as read by Dispatcher Nancy Butland:

Marlborough police announce retirements
Officer Alan Vorce has retired from the Marlborough Police Department after more than 32 years on the force. (Photo/Marlborough Police Department)

“On behalf of the 4-12 shift and all the men and women of the Marlborough Police Department, I have the honor and privilege of announcing the retirement of Sgt. Tim Harpin. The city of Marlborough has been fortunate to have you protecting its community for 30 years. You have done so with honor, integrity, and a commitment to leading your fellow co-workers.”

On Feb. 9, Officer Alan Vorce retired after 32 years with the MPD.

Vorce worked as both a dispatcher and patrol officer.

Like Harpin, Vorce spent most of his career on the night shift.

According to a Facebook post from Marlborough Police, “He’s been a steady staple of the midnight shift where he spent the majority of career. Al is a man of few words, but he has always been there for a quick laugh and smile. Al’s demeanor, his many years of experience, and his knowledge of the city have made him an asset to many of the newer officers on the midnight shift.”


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