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My last article, “Moving is a Hassle,” resonated with many.  Yes, I have moved, and am surrounded by a zillion unpacked brown boxes.  I can’t find a lot of things I need, and Amazon prime makes it too easy to replace/upgrade.  The boxes simply multiply when I sleep.

Go Local

I accepted an offer on my townhouse two days after hitting the market…a combination of great marketing and pricing strategy.  We purposefully priced the townhouse low generating multiple offers.  We didn’t “test the market” with a high price…high prices scare off buyers.

I also used local resources.  My colleague acted as the listing agent…. allowing me to focus on the move.  Yes, I’m told I was a demanding client…and I take that to mean I asked more than my fair share of questions.

I wasn’t moving to the moon so didn’t need a rocket.  A rocket can be really fast and loud, I prefer being able to drop in locally if there is an issue or concern.  There are lots of local money men (and women!) making this happen.  It’s about that package…not the rate.  You marry the home and date the rate.

My mover was a local guy…. guy with a 16’ truck and a couple helpers.  I’ve had moves with the big national carriers…the ones who dutifully wrap your trash, so it arrives unscathed.  These guys made it look easy…. I bought a Peloton bike at the height of Covid, and the delivery was a production…taking a couple hours.  The local guy had the bike loaded on the truck in 15 minutes.  Did I mention he also does donation/dump runs?  Really one stop shopping for moving.

I got my boxes at U-Haul in Northborough.  Reasonably affordable, I can return unused ones for money back, and I’ll pass on the used boxes to a client.

My attorney is local.  Believe it or not, there are local customs in certain towns around Worcester.

Local attorneys know this and seem to enjoy schooling other attorneys.

Yes, I did get some local self-storage.  My climate controlled 10’x10’ is rapidly filling.  While it is helping hid some boxes, I’m worried they will still be there untouched in a decade.

Some things were ridiculously easy to do…. like updating my driver’s license and car registrations.  I’m a Notary and my commission was expiring…so it was off to the Commonwealth, appointed by Governor Healy, a trip to Boston followed by a trip to the helpful Northborough Town Clerk.

If you are thinking about moving, please give me a call. Coming close to the end of my own move I have many relevant, practical suggestions.  And of course, we can sell your home!

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Go Local