‘I support Paula Matthieu for School Committee’


Letter to the Editor logoTown of Westborough,

I respectfully request that future candidate forums (like the one on March 5) be run by a bi-partisan commission rather than the Democratic Town Committee. The questions asked reflected the national party talking points and avoided issues important to our town.

None of the questions asked anything about excellence in education.

Yet there were six questions about LGBTQ and nearly every other question focused on how we can be more diverse.

I am proud that I live in a town where my son’s friend in third grade 20 years ago, who was part of an immigrant family living in a small apartment, got the same excellent education as the kids in the big houses. That kid is now thriving in international business.

We have been diverse for a long time and should be proud of it. I believe LGBTQ kids should be respected just like all other kids. RESPECT has been a cornerstone of Westborough Schools for many, many years.

But our schools need to be free to focus on excellence once again after our Grade 3-8 ELA reading scores dropped 12 points as a result of COVID learning restrictions. Unfortunately, this does not match the national political narrative so my request to the School Committee got ignored when I asked them in December to reorder their goals to make this a priority.

And my question on same just didn’t get asked by our narrator on Sunday, who only asked questions approved by their national political party.

It’s time for Westborough to get back to focusing on what’s good for the kids of Westborough and stop focusing so much on the national political narrative.

I support Paula Matthieu for School Committee. As someone who spent her career as a teacher, I believe she will focus on maintaining our school’s focus on excellence.


Joe Considine