Steve Messineo to become MRCC president


Steve Messineo to become MRCC president
Steve Messineo

MARLBOROUGH – Steve Messineo has been appointed as the new president of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC). 

Messineo, who is currently the chair of the board, will be filling the shoes of Robert Schlacter upon his retirement. According to his LinkedIn, Schlacter has served at the helm of the MRCC since 2019. 

“Having served alongside Rob and [Tye Jordan] as the Chairman for the Board of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce over the last year-and-a-half, I know and very much appreciate all of the value the Chamber offers its members,” said Messineo. 

He continued, “The decision to apply for the President role here was easy for me as I am passionate about the Chamber’s mission, and I look forward to increasing its visibility and access in and by business people in the communities our Chamber serves.”

Messineo has previously served as the owner of All Access Physical Therapy and is the Account Executive for Citara Systems. In a press release, MRCC officials noted that Messineo will be bringing a “wealth of experience in the field of business” with him into this position. 

“It has been a pleasure to work with Steve over the years,” said Schlacter. “I feel as if I am leaving the Chamber in good hands, and the future of this organization is secure.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Messineo received his bachelors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and went on to receive his doctor of physical therapy degree from MGH Institute of Health Professions. 

The MRCC noted that Messineo has held a variety of positions in the corporate world and has an extensive background in operations, finance and management. 

“He has a deep understanding of the complexities of running a successful business and has demonstrated the ability to build strong teams and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration,” the MRCC wrote. 

The chamber called him an “inspirational leader” that is passionate about finding new solutions to complex problems.

“He is committed to driving positive change and encouraging others to reach their full potential,” they wrote. “He understands the importance of balancing the short-term needs of the business with the long-term goals of the organization and its business community.”

The MRCC wrote that Messineo is excited to continue to build on the chambers legacy of success. 

Councilor Don Landers said that Messineo is the “right guy for the job” and demonstrated his devotion to the MRCC by working closely with the chamber. Doug Rowe said that Messineo has been dedicated through the ups and downs of the chamber. Schlacter came in and “did a great job,” and Rowe said he believed Messineo would follow up on that work.

“Working in the Chamber with Steve has shown me what kind of leadership presence he will have and ultimately the impact it will have on the Chamber,” said Jordan. “Steve is familiar with the business owners and has ideas that can add and increase the success of the chamber. I believe he may end up exceeding expectations.”

Located on Florence Street in Marlborough, the MRCC supports its member businesses by providing a forum, resources and opportunities for both individual and collective growth, according to its website. 

The chamber offers programs and empowers both advocacy at the Legislature and economic development by working together with public officials, business owners, members and residents. 

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