Urgent…Inventory Desperately Needed!


Urgent…Inventory Desperately Needed!
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By Michelle Gillespie – It is off to the races with another hot year in the real estate market. While some believed the market would slow down this year, that clearly has not been the case.

In the past few months properties have been coming on and quickly going under agreement, similar to 2021 and 2022. The buyer pool is huge this year with many buyers anxiously waiting for new inventory. What does that mean to you as a homeowner. It is very likely that your home has appreciated in value by upwards of 30 percent over the last two years. Which means in this market with significantly low inventory there is less competition when selling and a large, motivated buyer pool! There is no doubt your home will sell this year; it is just how high it will sell for and that is where I can help you!

Let us look at the current inventory numbers available in our surrounding communities comparing January and March.  Look at how low the numbers are for a spring market.


Urgent…Inventory Desperately Needed!


WOW — look at these numbers only 37 homes for sale in these 6 sought after
communities. Normally in a balanced market there would be several hundred for sale.

Let’s take a deeper dive to see how limited the inventory is within varying price ranges:


Urgent…Inventory Desperately Needed!


WOW again!  Look at those zeros and how few homes for sale under $700,000.

Those numbers are the reasons why it is a perfect time to list your home:

Homeowners have gained a significant amount of equity in their home since 2020.

Capitalize on these market conditions with the equity you have built in your home.

Buyers will compete for your home due to limited inventory.

Consider downsizing from your large home and maximize your equity.

Move up to a larger home with the equity you have established in your current home.

Market conditions have never been so positive for sellers.

Conditions are in your favor — Motivated Buyers + Limited Homes For Sale = 2023 a Great Year to Sell


Are you ready to sell?

We all remember how robust the real estate market was for 2022. This year has kicked off with similar conditions such as limited inventory and high buyer demand. While interest rates did increase this past fall, they have shown signs of stabilizing, along with lenders offering a variety of financing options. With buyers looking for new homes to purchase, now is a great time to join many other happy sellers and profit from this real estate market.

Now’s the Time!

If you want to sell your home this year and would like to discuss the best approach for a positive outcome, call me, Michelle Gillespie at 508-934-9818, or e-mail [email protected]. Visit my website at www.michellegillespie.com for more information.


*Per MLS data 2022


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