‘Young and teen-age children are in a crisis mode’


Letter to the Editor logoTo the Editor:

We are hearing on the news that young and teen-age children are in a crisis mode. There seems to be few facilities with competent help to care for these children.

Society must look for the reasons that would cause a child of an early age to feel that they can no longer deal with everyday life.

Looking at social media, we find children caught up in apps like the Chinese based app Tik-Tok that is banned from government computers but yet the children of this society are able to use it. Tik-Tok puts out challenges to children such as: Benadryl, holding breath, beer, silhouette, Cha-Cha slide and tooth filing. These challenges are dangerous and can be harmful to children.

The section of the brain that is responsible for analyzing and self-control is not fully developed in young children making it harder for them to make the right decision to opt out of such pit falls. 

Parents and every American should demand that Tik-Tok be banned from this country.

Schools with their WOKE ideas have caused an identity crisis. Boys are boys and girls are girls. They are not cats or dogs. Asking a child what pronoun they want to represent them is ridiculous. Each child has a name and that is their identity. 

Children to not have the life experiences or the maturity to make radical life changing decisions. There is time enough when they become adults to make these decisions.

With open borders and drugs pouring into our country and marijuana made like candy, addiction is rapidly climbing. 

Schools used to be a safe environment where learning took place. They used to be taught how to think by processing information and coming up with a solution. Now they are taught what to think. 

Let’s help all our children by taking away some of the pressures they have to deal with at such an early age. 

Carole A. David

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