At Linda’s Decors, ‘We give windows the treatment’


At Linda’s Decors, ‘We give windows the treatment’
Linda Woodard

MARLBOROUGH – Linda Woodard launched Linda’s Decors in 2010 with a goal of helping her clients achieve their vision of transforming their windows within their budget.

How she does this and what sets her apart from the competition is that the road to that gorgeous room and look you dream of begins with her van.

Because Woodard is able to bring it all to customers, it takes out the guesswork and simplifies the process. Furthermore, it’s fun, she said. Fabrics, textures, designs, lots of wonderfully delicious and often decadent materials and objects d’art all for you to see, touch, and experience in your home.

Woodard was fortunate to recognize early on that there is more to designing and selling window treatments than simply designing and selling window treatments.

“It’s similar to conducting an orchestra – many moving parts that are all an integral piece of the finished product!” she said.

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