Hudson Girl Scout troop gets sign approved for turtle crossing


Hudson Girl Scout troop gets sign approved for turtle crossing
Members of Troop 64875 pose for a photo after the meeting. (Photo/Sarah Freedman)

HUDSON — Girl Scout Troop 64875 received approval from the Select Board on March 13 to install a sign on White Pond Road that warns drivers to slow down for turtles and wildlife in the area.

The Select Board voted 4-0 to install a sign on the road.

A letter written by the troop to the board said, “We have noticed that turtles have been killed on the roads by cars. We feel upset and heartbroken that this is happening.”

The troop believes turtles are important to the ecosystem and thought that a sign may help them cross more safely if people are aware of the wildlife in the area.

The sign installation is also a community service project that would help the troop earn its first high honor in the Girl Scouts, the Bronze Award.

Several members of the troop, Stella Carrara, Arianna Maggio, Abby Beit, Emeline Garry and Mae Garry were able to go to the meeting and explain their request. Their troop member Ella Westley was also a part of the project, but she could not attend.

After the meeting, they relayed a story about seeing a mother turtle hit, which got them thinking about how to help the turtles.

“During some seasons, a lot of turtles travel to lay eggs,” Maggio said. “We’ve noticed that a lot of times, they’ve been run over.”

They noticed this happens more frequently on White Pond Road.

Select Board Chair Scott Duplisea said he has seen a similar sign about wildlife crossing while driving to Acton.

“Honestly, a lot of us don’t slow down when we see speed limit signs,” he said. “When I see that sign, it really makes me look.”

He thought it was “a great idea” and said Department of Public Works Director Eric Ryder could help them with the logistics of putting a permanent sign up. According to Ryder, the troop reached out to his office. He suggested that the scouts receive approval, and then they can work with them on the signs.

Select Board member Shawn Sadowski said his wife is a certified veterinary technician at an animal hospital who would definitely approve of supporting this project.

“You guys did it,” said member Michael Burks. “Excellent job – looks like you did your homework.”


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