Hopkinton man charged following Regal Cinemas break-in


Hopkinton man charged following Regal Cinemas break-in
The Regal Cinema property currently sits boarded up off Route 9. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

WESTBOROUGH – A Hopkinton man faces charges after the Westborough Police Department responded to an alleged break-in at the former Regal Cinemas.

Nathan Luis Vonhausen, 20, has been charged with vandalizing property, possessing a burglarious instrument and breaking and entering.

According to the statement of facts filed in Westborough District Court, a Westborough officer was dispatched at 10:08 p.m. March 10 following the report that someone was trying to break into the former Regal Cinemas, which is owned by the town.

The officer notes in the statement of facts that all access points to the building have been boarded up with plywood. The plywood on the front door was reportedly pried open.

When the officer arrived, he said he found Vonhausen sitting in a car in a nearby lot.

“Vonhausen was out of breath and was sweating,” the officer wrote.

He said it was about 37 degrees, and there weren’t any other individuals in the immediate area.

According to the court documents, police saw that there were wood fragments on Vonhausen’s jacket that were consistent with plywood. K9 Lucas tracked from the damaged door to him, and the person who reported the break-in also identified him as the person attempting to break-in, court documents read.

In his car, police said they found a pry bar, hatchet, hammer and drill bits.

He was arraigned in Westborough District Court on March 13. The judge ordered him to stay away from Regal Cinemas and set his bail at $2,000 surety bond or $200 cash.


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