Hudson Select Board recognizes motorcycle safety awareness period


Hudson Select Board recognizes motorcycle safety awareness period
Local leaders and riders raise awareness for motorcycle safety. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

HUDSON – March 25 through April 30 marks the motorcycle safety awareness period.

In Hudson, the Select Board issued a proclamation to observe this time period. Members, local riders and public safety officials gathered in front of the Hudson Police Department on March 24 to raise awareness.

“It’s really important this time of year, I think, to make everybody aware that motorcycles are going to be back on the road,” said Select Board Chair Scott Duplisea.

This was brought forward by Select Board member Shawn Sadowski. Three out of the five members, including Sadowski, ride, and the other two are former riders.

“As we all know, the season is upon us for riding,” Sadowski said. “We want to make sure that we’re safe. We want to make sure that our family members and our fellow riders make it home safe.”

According to Paul Cote, who is the co-founder of the Massachusetts Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund, about 22 years ago, there were hardly any motorcycle awareness or safety messages coming out of the governor’s office. Cote said citizen bikers lobbied state senators and representatives to establish this proclamation period.

This year marks the 20th year of the governor’s proclamation, and Hudson is the 23rd city or town that has issued its own proclamation.

According to Cote, there were 49 fatalities last year in Massachusetts.

“It affects the families, and it affects the families of the people that kill us,” Cote said. “… The best thing an old biker can do to teach a young biker is how to become an old biker. We ask our young riders to ride smart. Stupid hurts, and somebody at home does love them.”

As part of their proclamation, the Select Board urged drivers to “check twice to save a life,” including when backing out, making left turns and changing lanes.


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