Crossroads Continuum cuts the ribbon on its Commons program


Crossroads Continuum cuts the ribbon on its Commons program
Crossroads Continuum cut the ribbon on its new Commons program on April 6. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

MARLBOROUGH – Crossroads Continuum has officially opened its new Commons program.

Marlborough and business leaders as well as the Crossroads community gathered for a ribbon cutting on April 6. An adult center, the Commons will help adults who are 22 and older maximize their independence and receive career training. 

Chief Program Officer Sarah Palin thanked the staff, including those who have gotten the program running; families for their patience while the Commons was opened and other Crossroads staff members.

“We are really excited to hit this milestone … we are excited to be a multi-service organization,” said Palin. 

Crossroads Continuum has been serving people with autism since 2002, and their staff offer a variety of services to their clients from infancy through adulthood. In the past, Crossroads staff have said that the focus of the program will involve providing clients with meaningful community integration, including vocational job opportunities.

Board of Trustees Vice Chair Greg Furst said the board wanted to grow the breadth and depth of what Crossroads is offering the community.

“The Commons is a huge milestone in that growth and development,” Furst said. “We’re really excited to be here.” 

“This is truly a beautiful, beautiful new facility,” said President and CEO of Corridor 9/495 Regional Chamber of Commerce Karen Chapman. “I can see by all of the people here that we’re all excited to be able to welcome and congratulate you.” 

Rep. Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) said that autism and services for people with autism and their caregivers and families has been one of her priorities. 

“I really feel at home here, and I can’t wait to continue to celebrate with you and grow and do the work and help the folks live the best life that they can possibly live,” said Gregoire. 

The Commons is located at 290 Donald Lynch Boulevard. For more information, visit


Crossroads Continuum to open new training facility for adults with autism

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