‘I support Beth Casavant for re-election to the Shrewsbury Select Board’


Letter to the Editor iconI am pleased to write in support of Beth N. Casavant for re-election to the Shrewsbury Select Board. Beth embodies the qualities of a great leader and it’s important for her to have the opportunity to continue her work on behalf of the residents. 

Beth is very responsive to residents when issues are brought to her attention. As a member of a climate-focused group in Shrewsbury, I feel gratified that she listened when our group approached her two years ago. As a result of her work and that of others, in 2022 Town Meeting voted to develop the first Climate Action and Resilience Plan for municipal government, that is currently in progress. When completed, the Plan will lead the way for residents in addressing climate change and transitioning to a renewable energy future. Beth was instrumental in this process and is a much-needed champion. 

Beth is an excellent and thoughtful communicator. She responds to residents concerns in a clear and timely way, and is willing to sustain conversations on important topics. If she doesn’t have authority on a matter, she will refer to someone who does, and will make the introduction, or suggest a joint meeting. This approach encourages residents to participate more fully in the life of the town. 

Her work as the representative of the Select Board to the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force was a significant time commitment. It resulted in the formation of the permanent Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee that will make Shrewsbury an even more welcoming community, which benefits us all.

Beth is a thoughtful problem solver, who supported the Public Comment period prior to Select Board business meetings, giving residents the opportunity to address the entire board on any matter of concern. 

For these reasons and many others, I support Beth Casavant for re-election to the Shrewsbury Select Board, and I encourage you to vote for her on Tuesday May 2, 2023. 

Gretchen Schultz-Ellison


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